The Survival Battle Eating Contest is a competition from 2009 or 2010.

The Survival Battle Eating Contest
Upload Date some time in 2009 or 2010
Hosts Bryan, Chad, Santiago, Ian, Craig, Ben
Series Competitions


Synopsis Edit

Bryan introduces that sometimes they get weird things from developers. One company sent them a "survival kit". Chad says that it would be horrible to have to eat the whole thing. Their new intern Santiago said that it wouldn't be that bad. So now he has to eat it. It is Ian's first day, so he will join Santiago.

Craig takes the granite of food out and it smells horrible. Santiago thinks it isn't that bad, but Craig says it is.

Craig divides up the food between them. He gets to the last piece of granite, and decides to give it to Santiago. They start eating. Craig talks to them the whole time, and they mumble the answers. Santiago thinks it tastes like bread. Craig tries to speak Mexican. There are great big chunks left. Ian says that it tastes good. It begins to taste worse as they continue to eat it.

Craig doesn't want them to die, and Ian asks Ben what he thinks. Ben responds with "death's bad". Craig tries to break up the block, but ends up breaking the bucket. Santiago burps as he struggles.

Result Edit

Ian finishes. Ian is the winner. Santiago has learned to not open his mouth. Ian didn't learn anything. Santiago burps again!

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