The Super Mario Land 3DS Glitch? is a video from 2011.

The Super Mario Land 3DS Glitch?
Upload Date November 20th 2011
Hosts Craig, Ben, Bryan (working in the background)
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig has been playing Super Mario 3D Land for the review. He stumbled across a glitch. However, he has stumbled across a glitch - but Mario games don't have glitches. On level 8-1, Mario has a ? block stuck on his head, continually giving him coins. Craig describes his glitch. Ben informs Craig to get 100 coins.

Craig shoots himself towards the comet coin. He's still getting coins the entire time. He doesn't want to lose the block. Ben wants Craig to get hit by the block. The block flies off as Mario gets hit. Ben wonders why they would give Mario a block as a hat. Craig goes back into the level to try again. They discover that it was indeed supposed to happen.

Craig is disappointed that he didn't find a cool glitch. Mario games don't have glitches after all.

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