The ScrewAttack Gauntlet Punishment is a video from 2010.

The ScrewAttack Gauntlet Punishment
Upload Date some time in 2010
Hosts Craig, Jose, Ben, Chad, Destin, Bryan, Nick
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Today is going to suck! Craig is about to get his legs waxed because he lost a challenge to Jose. Jose can't wait to see Craig with waxed legs. Craig thinks Jose is weird because of how much Jose wants this. Craig fills out a form, and everybody enters the building.

Alisha, the waxer introduces herself. It will take about 45 minutes. Everyone laughs, and Craig panics. Alisha says that it won't take that long! Alisha puts the wax on, and Craig panics. Alisha puts it on in the shape of a lightning bolt, and pulls it off. It isn't as bad as Craig thought it would be. It happens again, and it hurts this time.

Jose wants to pull some hair off. He rips it off quickly. Nick pulls it off really slowly, and Craig says that he is mean. Everyone wants Destin to pull some off, and Destin doesn't want to. Jose wants to do another one. Jose and Bryan tear off Craig's hair on both legs together. Some of Jose's wax gets stuck on, and needs to be torn off.

Craig gets wax put onto the back of his leg. It is torn off, and it burns. Alisha suggests to Craig to take a bubble bath, and everyone laughs!

Craig shows off his leg, and says that waxing your legs does not make you any less of a man. He likes how smooth his legs feel, and wants people to touch it! Nobody wants to, and Chad touches it.

Chad tells Jose that this could have been him. Jose laughs, and Chad asks him if he wants to throw a leg up there. Jose says fine!

Craig draws a bolt on Jose's arm, and Alisha puts the wax onto it. Craig tries to rip it off, but fails. The remaining mark looks awesome, and Craig comments on how smooth it is. Craig sings the ScrewAttack outro. 

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