The ScrewAttack Emotipin is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

The ScrewAttack Emotipin
Cast Chad, Lauren, Ben, Sean, Bryan, Craig (voice over), Jared
Intro Host Craig
Upload Date December 3rd 2011
Clip / Ad Emotive Cat Ears

Synopsis Edit

Craig likes the idea of the cat ears. ScrewAttack came up with a similar idea with the ScrewAttack Emotipin, but it didn't work out. Craig does the voice overs of all the thoughts that the crew are thinking.

Lauren is leaving to go to her second job and announces this to Chad. Ben is typing one key on his computer. Chad thinks that she should be going to the kitchen to make him a sandwich. Lauren yells at him. 

Sean asks Bryan what he is doing. Bryan says that he is getting some better lighting for Screwin' Around. He is thinking that Sean is dumb.

Jared is typing on his computer, but he is thinking that he is depressed. Sean and Lauren look over at him.

Bryan is looking at a picture of Rouge the Bat on his laptop. He asks Ben what the point of her is. He is thinking that she is oddly attractive, but is disgusted by his own thoughts.

Lauren walks past someone in the street, and the emotipin expresses Lauren's interest in him. She is embarrassed.

Ben stares at the picture of Rogue before shutting the laptop.

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