Ben and Nick compete in a salsa eating competition.

The Salsa Eating Challenge
Upload Date some time in 2008
Hosts Craig, Corey, Ben, Nick, Jose, Destin
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig introduces the video. First one to finish wins, the first one to puke is the loser. Jose gives the competitors a pep talk, and supports Ben. Ben asks what happens if they die. Corey hosts the competition.

They eat so fast, that Craig can hardly keep up giving them more. Ben sculls the salsa, while Nick eats it slowly, and with chips. The fourth round is the 'Insanity Sauce'. Ben begins to look ill, and Craig tells him to stop. He coughs violently as he drinks the milk. After drinking lemonade, Ben violently coughs, before almost vomiting. Nick spews the salsa all over the ground. Nick commentates that Ben is being carried over to the car by Jose, and Craig is shirtless.

The punishment is to dress as Princess Peach at E3.

Result Edit

Nick won, however this was not stated in the video, and was made even more unclear by the fact that while he was first to finish, he also vomited first. Ben vomited and had to be carried to the car by Jose. Even though Nick came out much better, both claimed that they should have won.

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