The Roaring Twenties is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

The Roaring Twenties
Cast Craig, Ben, Jose, Destin, Nick, Chad, Screwy, Bryan
Intro Host Craig
Upload Date some time in 2010
Clip / Ad DragonBall Z in 'Over 9000' done in black and white

Synopsis Edit

This is what ScrewAttack looked like in the 1920’s, with fuzzy Ye ‘Olde camera images. The crew have ancestors who tried making ScrewAttack, but it didn't work out.

 Jose is missing and Craig asks Ben to look for him. Ben asks Destin where Jose is, but Destin is too busy with the Kinect. Ben asks Nick, who doesn’t know where Jose is, but the text on the screen replaces everything Nick says with swearing, which angers Nick so much that he writes a note and shows the camera saying that he did not swear. The text reveals more swearing, and Nick gives up and leaves. Nick even tried to get the viewer to read his lips to prove that he wasn't swearing.

Chad is at the door selling stuff, and Ben mistakes him for a girl and slams the door. Chad states that he needs to go to the barber. Nick asks Screwy the Monkey, who also doesn’t know where Jose is. Ben then talks to Bryan, who reveals that Jose is outside messing around. Ben then finds Jose, who throws a stick at Ben. Ben angrily walks off to tell Craig that Jose is playing around. Craig rants for several seconds, but the text only says "That is bad!"

Craig goes outside and punches Jose in the ‘marbles’ and ties him to the railway tracks (and teabags him).

Trivia Edit

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