The Rise of Foxitron! | DC Universe Online Pt 1 is a video from 2014.

The Rise of Foxitron! | DC Universe Online Pt 1
Upload Date November 16th 2014
Hosts Chad and Parker
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Chad and Parker are playing DC Universe on the PS4. The game came out a year ago, and it is free to play. Chad is interested in this as he is a DC fan, and was interested in seeing this as an MMO. Parker has been playing this game a lot. They design their character. Chad is intrigued by the designs. They choose their personalities and abilities. Chad wants to be a "Batman", speed type character that runs in and do a lot of damage.

The fox character is funny as it is so huge! They choose the fox design and gives it bird wings! Chad finds this awesome. He can't fly, even though he has wings. Chad needs to choose a name. The name is the hardest thing for Chad. Chad names it Foxitron! They start playing and Parker teaches Chad the controls. The enemies can't stand up to Foxitron!

Foxitron runs up a wall to get to the next area. Chad has fun running around! They take out some more enemies. Chad gets hit by a guardian's laser. Foxitron destroys it. Superman appears. They fight some more enemies. Parker explains that the game is really big before DLC.

Chad shows off to Superman. They run around on every surface some more. Chad plans on playing more of this game, being mentored by Parker. The pair pose to end the video.

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