The Return of Commie Chomps is a video from 2013.

The Return of Commie Chomps
Upload Date November 2nd 2013
Hosts Nick, Sam, Chad
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

A couple of weeks ago, there was a Best Ever Pokemon. Sam's Best Ever was a Red Gyarados called Commie Chomps. He said that Commie will return. Now he has! Nick shows off Commie Chomps in the game. He thanks a g1 for sending it to them. Nick is going to have a Pokemon tournament for a video, and use Commie Chomps against Sam.

Nick wants to see if he has the heart to kill Commie Chomps. Nick challenges Sam to a Pokemon battle. Sam thinks it will go poorly for him. When Sam sees Commie Chomps in battle he calls Nick a son of a bitch for using it against him! Sam will kill Commie Chomps. Sam gets his friend back.

Sam rides Commie Chomps down a river.

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