The Red Ring Towel Trick is a video from 2007.

The Red Ring Towel Trick
Upload Date around August 18th 2007
Hosts Jose, Craig (voice), Ben, Mickey, Tom
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Jose's Xbox 360 has died with the Red Ring of Death. Jose is upset about it, and he doesn't want to plat the other consoles because they suck. He finds a method to save his console.

He attempts to put the XBox 360 in two towels. He tries to turn it on, but nothing happens. Craig asks him if he unplugged it. Jose plugs it back in and turns it on. After 12 minutes, he turns it back off for another 15 minutes.

He takes the towels off, and it lights up. Everyone is surprised. Ben, Mickey and Tom are asked how they feel about this trick working. Jose wants to hump it.

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