The Pokémon Relief Fund is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

The Pokémon Relief Fund
Cast Lauren
Intro Host Chad
Upload Date January 28th 2012
Clip / Ad BCSPCA

Synopsis Edit

Chad is saddened by the sad music and the pictures of sad puppies and animals. However, there is another cause that not many people know about, but it is still just as important.

Nurse Joy (Lauren) appears with a Pikachu. She states that every day Pokémon are enslaved and forced to fight. Images of sad Pokemon are shown on the screen. If you haven't donated to the Pokémon Relief Foundation, you are a bad person. With donations of 50 PokéDollars a day, they can buy Max Potions and healing sprays for injured Pokémon.

There are other options for charities, like the Lavender Town Re-construction Foundation, but these Pokémon are cuter than the people of Lavender Town. By calling 1-800-255-3700, donors will receive a picture of the Pokémon they helped save.

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