The PS Vita is a Taco is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

The PS Vita is a Taco
Cast Bryan, Chad, Craig (voice over)
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date July 1st 2011
Clip / Ad Taco Town

Synopsis Edit

The people in the ad got a little bit more than what they wanted. Kind of like what is happening with the PS Vita at the moment.

Bryan and Chad are playing on their PSP's. Bryan wants a second analog stick. Craig introduces the PlayStation Vita, with dual analog sticks. Chad is happy, as it is just what he wanted. Craig states that they added PS3 integration. Bryan says that's cool, but points out that the PSP already did that.

The PS Vita also has a chat feature. Chad is offended when Bryan types in the chad that he sucks balls. Bryan laughs. A multi-touch touch screen is added. Bryan is satisfied. A second touch screen on the back is mentioned by Craig. Chad states that this is getting ridiculous. Chad and Bryan are confused by the SIXAXIS information.

Craig mentions the cameras making the game more realistic. Bryan and Chad make weird confused faces. It also has a microphone. Chad wonders how much stuff this thing has, but is cut off by Craig introducing the Wifi, GPS, and other things. Bryan states that he only wanted a second analog stick. Chad proclaims that just because there are a lot of features doesn't mean it will sell.

The final tag line is "More **** than you can handle, or possibly need."

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