The PS3 Pre-Order Interview is a video from 2006.

The PS3 Pre-Order Interview
Upload Date some time around November 2006
Hosts Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

It is 3 weeks until the PS3 is released for $600. People are already lined up for pre-orders, and Craig asks them how long will it be before it goes up on eBay. One person says December. Another person will wait until 2-3 weeks before Christmas. The first person thinks he will get $1500 for it. Another person is planning on keeping it, and is getting a Wii to sell it.

Craig asks what games they will get. The second interviewee will get Resistance: Fall of Man. Craig lies that it has been delayed. Another person is interested in the Blu-Ray feature but doesn't know what it is. The person who wanted to sell it has tents set out, and Craig asks to have a look at it. Craig uses that opportunity to steal their spot in line.

Craig wants one of them to show their shaved chest to everyone.

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