The Others is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

The Others
Cast Chad, Craig, Brad (as Craig's double), Jose, Bryan, Corey, Destin, Nick, Ryan
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date December 9th 2009
Clip / Ad Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie

Synopsis Edit

Chad creates the Virtual Box (Virtual Boy cross Xbox) which creates a rip in an alternative dimension. All of a sudden each of the ScrewAttack team has an opposite double. The original crew scream when the others appear. Alternative Chad likes sports, which frustrates regular Chad. Alternative Destin is overly happy and polite and doesn’t know much about games. Alternative Nick is a drug addict who swears and drinks, which terrifies regular Nick. Alternative Corey is an annoying-up-herself type and alternative Ben is lazy and doesn’t care. He just makes a loop video of the Nintendo 64 kid with star wipe.

Alternative Jose is the boss of the company and the site is sponsored by Souja Boy. Ryan’s alternative died in a skydiving incident, and Bryan’s alternative eats people. Chad hits his alternative self in the face because of his obsession with sports. The two Craig’s stare at each other and then hit each other in the nuts. Craig takes a stand and throws everyone back into the portal, however he doesn’t know which Bryan is which, and sends the wrong one back through the portal.

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