The Once again every now and then Mario Kart 64 Challenge is a video from 2010.

The Once again every now and then Mario Kart 64 Challenge
Upload Date some time in 2010
Hosts Nick, Bryan, Jose, Craig, Chad, Ben
Series Competition


Synopsis Edit

Nick and Bryan introduce the challenge. Today it is snowy. Nick and Bryan both played Mario Kart 64 growing up, but Jose didn't. Jose knows that he is going to lose, so he is being quiet. Bryan has a big cup that will be filled with snow, and shoved down the loser's shirt.

They will play Battle Mode. Bryan is Toad, Nick is Yoshi, and Jose is DK.

Round 1 is at Block Fort. Both Bryan and Jose spin out at the start. Nick wipes out Bryan with green shells early on. Bryan punishes Jose by blowing him up. Nick comes back, and takes off another balloon with his green shell. Nick chases Jose down with a star. Jose gets hit by a rogue green shell. Nick did not lose a single balloon in his victory!

Round 2 is at Skyscraper. Jose falls off the edge immediately, and Nick spins out on a banana, and falls off the edge! Jose falls off the edge too, and Bryan has lost a balloon. Jose is eliminated after falling off the edge again. Bryan chases Nick down with a star. Nick manages to hit Bryan with a green shell, tying the game up. Bryan spins out on a banana peel, and loses. Nick wins again, and Jose complains about Bryan hitting the banana.

They decide to have a third round, as there are two losers still. Round 3 is at Big Donut. Nick runs down Jose with a star, before running into a red shell that Nick is holding. Jose takes himself out by falling into the lava. Jose tries to chase Nick as a bomb, but Nick has a star. Jose creeps up to Nick, and Nick runs over the bomb with the star still activated, removing Jose's bomb! Bryan is taken down again, and Nick wins with all three balloons.

Round 4 is at Double Deck. Jose is hit by a red shell before being smashed by Nick's star. Nick stalks behind Jose. Jose takes himself out with a green shell. Jose tries to hit Bryan, but misses and only hits a shell. Nick spins around Jose, hitting him with green shells, and finally he hits the bomb. Nick attempts to hit Bryan with green shells, but Bryan activates his star, and hits Nick. Nick takes out Bryan with a green shell.

Nick tells the others that they suck at Mario Kart. Bryan says that Mario Kart wasn't as big for them in their childhoods. Jose says that he did stuff with women. Nick corrects him saying he didn't. Jose admits that he didn't.

Bryan gets the cup full of snow. Jose says that it is way too much. Craig says that he deserves it. Jose decides that he wants the snow in the front. Bryan pours the snow down Jose's shirt. They all laugh. Nick almost falls over trying to get it down. They pat the snow on his stomach. Jose gets the snow out and yells.

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