The Ocean is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

The Ocean
Cast Ben (as Paul Christopopolus), Chad (doesn't have a name, so this page will simply use Chad), Nick (as Jeff), Sam (as Mike), Lauren (as Jess), Jared (as the delivery boy)
Intro Host Paul Christopopolus (Ben)
Upload Date December 31st 2011
Clip / Ad none

Synopsis Edit

Paul Christopopolus (Ben) opens a door and introduces himself. He welcomes the viewer to 'his empire,' the greatest PR firm in America - the world. He opens the office door and cheerfully calls out to everyone.

The Office theme song plays, and the rest of the clip is a spoof of The Office.

Chad, Jess (Lauren), Jeff (Nick) and Mike (Sam) are all working at an office, working on laptops and talking on phones. Paul is dancing behind Chad. The title screen saying "The Ocean" is shown.

Paul enters the office excitedly. He cheers and leaves. Everyone else is miserable. An interview is shown of Chad, who says that he wonders how Paul ever became the boss. Paul plays with a toy that plays music and enjoys it way too much. 

Chad thinks that the only reason why they have stayed in business this long is because they have prevented Paul from talking to the customers. Chad and Jeff are talking to each other at Jeff's desk. Chad's phone rings, and Paul runs towards it to answer it. Jeff pulls out a ball, and prepares to throw it for Paul like a dog. Mike shakes his head, and Nick throws it out the door. Paul dives for it.

Chad answers the phone, and they hi-five. Jeff is being interviewed. He is the sales representative and the official Paul distractor. Paul asks Jess to get him some coffee. Jess has been in V.P. development for the past four years! Paul still thinks she is the coffee girl! She only gets him coffee, because the time she didn't, he got angry and threw and broke the coffee machine!

Mike plays a message from Duke Nukem. He uses a soundboard he found online to make Paul think he is talking to Batman or whoever. Mike thinks he has the most important job in the office. Jeff says that Paul gets in weird moods. Paul puts his head against the wall behind Jess. She hates the he always does it behind her desk, and there is a mark on the wall.

Jared serves Paul the hot dogs he ordered. Paul asks if there is mustard on it, and Jared says that they ran out. Paul yells, and Jared interrupts by saying that it has ketchup. Paul apologizes and gives Jared his money. He asks if it is Heinz ketchup. Jared says that they use Helmans. Paul snatches the money back and tells him to get out.

Chad is on the phone to an angry customer, who hangs up on him. Chad lost a client, and doesn't know why. Jeff also loses a client. Chad gets another call, as does Jeff. They both have many angry customers calling through, and they ask each other what is happening. Jeff asks where Paul is, and Jess thinks he is with Mike. Mike walks in, and he says that he hasn't seen Paul in 40 minutes.

Chad and Jess run out of the room, while Jeff continues talking on the phone before tripping on a chair and leaving as well. They all run to Paul, who is typing at a computer. Chad asks him what he is doing.

Paul is putting some uppity customers in their place. Chad explains that he can't talk to people like that. Jeff says that they have lost all of their customers. Five years of work has been ruined. Paul says that he will call in some favors from his high profile friends, and everyone yells that they aren't real.

Jess admits that they are done, and Paul apologizes that even though he is great, he can hurt other people. He admits that they can make things work. Everyone else agrees. Mike asks if they are still getting paid, and Paul yells at them, and fires them, throwing things at them until they leave. Chad is on the phone to his wife happy. He says that it finally happened, and his wife called it. He has a backup plan. In an interview, he says that he stole everything!

Trivia Edit

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