The Norcal Crew is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

The Norcal Crew
Cast Lauren, Jared, Nick (voice over)
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date November 5th 2011
Clip / Ad Behind the Music: Green Day

Synopsis Edit

There is a lot of drama in music groups, but there is a lot of drama in dancing groups too.

Nick voice overs and introduces the Norcal Crew. Redwood (Jared) states that no one else was doing what they were doing, and that no one has the talent that they have. The Hills (Lauren) didn't think that they would become as big as they did. They entertained dozens.

Redwood explains that they both wanted to do this, they just didn't know how to tell each other. What really happened, was that Dance Central 2 showed up in the mail, and Jared showed it to Lauren.

It was hard to get their name out there. Redwood must have sent two emails, and nobody was getting back to him. Then, they finally got the chance. Footage of the pair dancing from Screwin' Around is shown. The Hills says that they were performing in places bigger than their own living rooms. Redwood was shocked that they had the opportunity.

Jared asks Lauren if she wants to play Dance Central 2 on Screwin' Around today. She says sure.

In minutes, they became a hit in front of random strangers on the internet, and received reviews such as "LOL", "Play a real game" and "I noticed you were wearing less clothes than you were earlier."

That same day, tragedy struck. Redwood says that The Hills wasn't as dedicated as he thought she was. Jared finds Lauren playing DDR: Mario Mix. The Hills is crying, saying that she isn't proud of what she did, and that she is sorry. Redwood says that if The Hills wasn't dedicated enough, he wanted nothing to do with her. Their entire career lasted three hours.

Jared is leaving for the office for the day, and says bye to Lauren.

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