The New Guy in Charge is a Clip of the Week from 2011. This clip is the sequel to Flashback.

The New Guy in Charge
Cast Brad, Bryan, Nick, Jared, Ben, Craig
Intro Host Brad
Upload Date July 31st 2011
Clip / Ad Blast Corps

Synopsis Edit

The ScrewAttack HQ blew up last week. Last week's clip of Craig blowing up the office is shown. Jared, Ben, Nick and Bryan are working on a desk outside. The Tetris door is still standing, and Brad knocks on it, and the door falls down.

Brad has a mustache. He decides that he is the new boss now that Craig is gone. He encourages everyone to get back to work - but everyone has that under control. Brad wants to pack some boxes, but the work has already been done, and Jared kicks a box. Brad becomes upset, as his brother is missing, and he hasn't shaved in a week. He wants to go on an epic journey to find his brother. He wears a cap, and picks up a sword.

Bryan yells at Brad, saying that it is over 100 degrees, and to get the clip over with. Brad agrees, and is sure that Craig will show up. Craig's hand reaches out from under a pile of boxes to take his hat.

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