The Mystery Gun is a Choose Your Own Adventure from 2013.

The Mystery Gun
Upload Date February 10th 2013
Hosts Ben, Sean, Craig (choices 1 and 3), Bryan (choice 1), Chad (all choices), Lauren (all choices), Nick (choice 3), Sam (choice 3)
Series Choose Your Own Adventure

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Choice 1: Choice 2: Choice 3:

Synopsis Edit

Ben is looking around the storage room. He finds a hat and throws it away. He finds a gun. He sees Sean, and decides to shoot at him. The gun is called "The 'Stacher".

Choice 1 Edit

Ben shoots Sean.

Craig is in a meeting with Chad, Bryan and Lauren. Craig asks the crew if they have any ideas. Sean walks in with a vest on, a hat and sunglasses. He puts the hat on Lauren's head, opens the vest and starts dancing in front of Craig. He tries to give Chad a lap-dance, and Chad is horrified. Bryan and Lauren also look horrified. Craig is excited, and starts throwing money and Sean.

you chose the "stripper 'stache"

Choice 2 Edit

Ben shoots Sean.

Sean has transformed into an 80's action star wearing a camouflage cargo clothing. He walks up to Ben, who lifts his leg up. Sean hits his leg and tells him to break a leg. Chad is playing a game on a TV at his desk. Sean hits Chad's head into the desk, and tells him to get his head in the game. Lauren asks Sean for news story. He punches her, and says "Game Overies".

Sean Hinz is Fu Man Chu. 80's Action Star!

Choice 3 Edit

Ben shoots Sean.

Sean turns into Hitler, and exclaims that his secret has been revealed. Sean runs away, and runs into the Screwin' Around set, where Lauren has to open a door for him to enter. Sean jumps into the set, does some poses, looks at the camera, looks at Craig, Nick, Sam and Chad who are hosting Screwin' Around, and leaves.

Nick says hi to Hitler. Sam appears to be embarrassed, and Craig awkwardly says bye to Hitler as he leaves. Nick comments that Hitler does that sometimes. Chad comments that this is a weird place to work!

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