The Most Disappointing Unboxing in History? is a video from 2012.

The Most Disappointing Unboxing in History?
Upload Date November 16th 2012
Hosts Craig, Chad, Sam
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

They got to the office today, and there was a big box waiting for them. They think this is Call of Duty and the drone. This is their first ever unboxing video. They are surprised by the huge box. This care package is huge! They open the care package. It looks like a tool chest!

Chad starts pulling things out. They find some pogs! The drone is really light. The RC car didn't work out very well during Modern Warfare 2, but they had some fun  with it. They pull out the foam drone. It is made of Styrofoam.

Craig shows it off. The drone is very light. Unlike the RC car that took a lot of batteries, this drone has an internal battery. It has a USB charger. The drone also came with several batteries.

Literally two days of charging later, the drone had finally finished charging, so they are finally testing it out. The drone struggles to get off the ground, and gets stuck under the Hard News desk. Sam tries to pick it up in the air, but it drops back down.

Craig is disappointed at how much it sucked. He asks Activision to help them out if they got it wrong.

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