The Manliest Candy is a video from 2014.

The Manliest Candy
Upload Date March 6th 2014
Hosts Sean, Ben, Sam, Craig, Chad, Bryan
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

There have been 2 new packages delivered today. Ben isn't sure what is in them, but it is going to be awesome. They open the first package, and it is Cadbury chocolate. They show the letter from the g1 as they eat the candy. Another g1 has sent a huge amount of chocolate. The crew are excited as they eat it.

Sam looks at some delicious looking biscuits. Sean thinks he has some ginger snaps. Ben is worried about a non-labeled one. Ben opens the package, and there are small shoes inside. Sam shows a package with kids kissing on it. They look like dog treats.

There are sticks in the package too, and Sean wonders if they are edible. Sean finds the letter that explains everything. The sticks are a licorice snack! The three are suppose to gnaw on them! It tastes pretty good for a stick!

There are OldTimers. They don't know what to expect. They look like rocks. It tastes disgusting. Ben compares it to a torture device. They are determined to finish it! Sam tries to eat something else, and the others force him to suffer with them! They all ate the whole thing, but some gets stuck in Ben's teeth!

Craig and Chad try some of the candy, and absolutely hate it! Craig and Chad spit it out. Chad tries to rinse his mouth out. Sean, Ben and Sam continue to eat the candy. Sean finds a salty version of what they just ate! Ben puts his head in his hands. They try it with Bryan, and it isn't as bad.

They try some candy strips and love them. They try a pumpkin pie muesli bar. Sam doesn't know what he is eating, but it is good! Ben ends the video, hoping that there will be more candy tomorrow!

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