The Lost Street Fighter is a video from 2011.

The Lost Street Fighter
Upload Date September 23rd 2011
Hosts Chad
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Chad asks a developer of Street Fighter if there has ever been a character that was a cool idea, but was dropped to the side that nobody has heard of. There was a character that didn't get far enough along in the process to even have a name.

The artists design hundreds of concept art, and then move along and start doing some animations and movesets. One character started to get some internal interest, but he just wasn't cool. He was referred to as the "Kung-fu clown". It was a clown with big shoes, and kind of a Japanese cradle.

A drawing of the clown is shown with the words "The real guy was waaaay cooler" -> "horrible artist". Instead, they settled with a turkish oil wrestler, who is orange for some reason! Chad adds that he has a Katamari Damacy ball as a head.

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