The Invasion is a Clip of the Week from 2009.

The Invasion
Cast Craig, Corey, Chad, Bryan, Nick, Ben
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date May 2nd 2009
Clip / Ad some weird Mario live show on ice

Synopsis Edit

In the intro, when Ben is introducing the Clip of the Week in front of the door, Chad opens it and yells scaring Ben. Ben yells at him, calls him a jerk and slams the door in his face.

Craig and Corey are talking when they see Bryan, Chad and Nick looking at He pushes Chad and Nick out of the way (and kicks Nick) before punching Bryan. He then shows it to Corey, as if she has never seen it before. Suddenly, the site starts acting up, and a monkey can be seen on the screen. Suddenly, hundreds of Screwy the Monkeys jump out of the screen and invade the office. Craig says a deflated 'noooooo'.

Soon, Bryan enters and starts shooting a Nerf gun at the Screwys. Chad stomps on one, and shoots more with arcade guns. Bryan is drinking a juice box as he continues to shoot the Screwys. From the juice he is drinking, Bryan shoots a flamethrower at the monkeys. Chad and Bryan continue shooting the monkeys.

Suddenly, the Noob Dudes come out of the screen and continue to talk like tryhard nerds, and they plan on taking over the office with monkeys.Craig gets pissed, takes the gun off of Bryan, and shoots the Noob Dudes in the face.

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