The Insane F-Zero Jump is a video from 2011, and is a bonus video from Jared's Never used a SNES Game Genie.

The Insane F-Zero Jump
Upload Date some time in 2011
Hosts Chad, Jared, Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

They are in Port Town II, and the crew argue over which track they just did. Suddenly, Jared makes an epic jump off a ramp and over to the opposite side of the track! The spaceship carried Jared's car back to the correct part of the track. Jared has never seen it before in his life!

Chad jokes that the spaceship is saying that it will have none of that shit! Craig says it is like in Mario Kart how the lakitu carries the driver back onto the track. Chad is surprised that they put it into the game! Jared successfully pulls it off again.

Jared tries to do the shortcut from the first smaller jump. He tries, and lands just short, crashing the car out of bounds. Chad suggests that he should have turned wider.

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