The Industry is a skit based, live action show, which began in 2015. The creation of the show was to replace the Clip of the Week, as it was constantly requested to bring that show back. The show was created by Shaun and John. The premise of the show was to demonstrate what life could be like in ScrewAttack, with ideas coming from discussions that have occurred between the ScrewAttack crew.


The first season launched with just 6 episodes, and with a goal. It would only be funded with a second season if each episode reached 100,000 views. This target was not reached in time. There were also two episodes that never aired, including one episode where Austin cross-dressed.

List of Episodes Edit

Episode Name Link Date Thumbnail
Who the F*$% works at ScrewAttack ScrewAttack September 18th 2015
DEATH BATTLE has Too Many Flips! ScrewAttack September 18th 2015
GHOSTS at ScrewAttack?!?

/ Craig is a Pu$$y

ScrewAttack September 25th 2015
The Dildo Episode ScrewAttack October 2nd 2015
Jocelyn The Intern??? ScrewAttack October 9th 2015
DEATH BATTLE's Hard Drive is Gone! ScrewAttack October 24th 2015

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