Drake, Sam and Lauren compete in a half gallon challenge.

The Half Gallon Challenge
Upload Date July 25th 2012
Hosts Craig, Sam, Lauren, Drake, Chad
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig commentates the video. Sam and Drake have one flavor of ice cream, while Lauren has chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Sam has coffee flavor, and his strategy is to eat down the middle of the tub. Drake has plain vanilla. Drake is wearing a band aid on his face because he was hit by a table.

Drake takes an early lead, and after three minutes hits the bottom of his tub. Lauren finds that her ice cream has strawberry chunks in it. Drake is half way done, and Craig makes a remark that Sam is enjoying his latte. Drake starts to not feel well.

In just under 12 minutes, Drake skulls the last of his ice cream and wins. The g1's get to choose the loser's punishment. Chad thinks they should have done something about the cold temperature. Sam performs his strategy, and Lauren copies. Eventually Drake starts vomiting. This starts to worry Lauren, so Sam makes vomiting sounds to put her off. Lauren starts crying.

Drake vomits again, which causes Lauren to go to a bucket herself. Sam taunts Lauren with vomiting noises, and she hits him. Lauren throws up. Sam looks really happy with himself, when suddenly Lauren gets back into the game. Both accelerate and skull their ice cream. Sam pulls out just in front of Lauren. Lauren makes sure she finishes.

Craig asks the community to offer suggestions for her punishment. Sam suggests to eat more ice cream!

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