An extended version of The Green Demon Challenge has Ben, Nick and Chad cbecoming terrified by 1-Up mushrooms.

The Green Demon Challenge [Extended Cut]
Upload Date November 9th 2012
Hosts Ben, Nick, Chad, Craig
Series Advantage Content


Synopsis Edit

Nick does a sync check by pausing the game. Ben starts clapping. Nick accidentally introduces Screwin' Around. Nick introduces his discovery of the Green Demon challenge. It is scarier then Slenderman!

Nick tries it, and fails quickly. Chad can't even get to the green demon without screwing up! Chad dodges out of the green demon's way, before getting hit while being stuck on a log. Chad's best is 3.

Ben wants to use a koopa shell, but can't jump on it. He misses the first red coin. Ben ends up getting himself stuck. He wants another try. Ben gets stuck while trying to jump. Nick takes the now slimy controller back. Nick uses the shell. Nick gets to four before being hit by a bubble with the mushroom right behind him the whole time. The mushroom staring back at the player is terrifying.

Chad gets to 5, and doesn't know where the other coins are. Nick struggles to get the set up. He tries to warp, but fails. Nick succeeds with the warp after taking Ben's turn. They all scream when it gets Nick at the chain chomp, and he only gets 4. Ben tries to warp, but the mushroom gets to Ben before he can finish warping. It happens three times in a row!

Chad is thinking about using cannons. Chad uses the shell to try to get to the cannon, but it doesn't work. Chad really wants to try the cannon. He shoots out of the cannon, and sees the mushroom nearby as he flies past! Chad makes a lot of close calls. The mushroom is gone for a long time. Chad finds it as he climbs back up the mountain. Chad gets a total of 5, and points out that he succeeded with the cannon. The mushroom can go through walls!

Nick loses the mushroom, but it finds him at the closed cage. Why does everyone ground pound instead of jump?! Ben doesn't stand a chance according to Nick. Ben crawls and jumps over a fence and still made a getaway, only to be caught moments later. Ben punches the turtle towards the camera. Nick wants to see it in 3D!

Ben uses the turtle shell to get away. Ben gets to 7, but doesn't know where the last one is. Nick doesn't want Ben to know where the last one is. Nick then forgets where it is too. Eventually, Ben realizes that it was on an island, but can't get to it.

Chad gets stuck on the elevators. Chad skates around barely missing everything, including the red coins. Craig climbs over the couch to watch. Nick jumps to the island and gets the coin early. The mushroom must be stuck somewhere. The star appears, and they see it right near the star! Nick gets the star as the mushroom chases him!

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