The Green Demon Challenge is a video from 2012.

The Green Demon Challenge
Upload Date November 9th 2012
Hosts Ben, Nick, Chad, Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Nick un-pauses the game. Ben claps unnecessarily. Nick introduces the video. He stuffs up the intro. While making the Video Game Vault for Super Mario 64, Nick found a challenge involving finding a 1-up mushroom that chases after Mario, the player has to try to get all 8 red coins, and the star, before the mushroom touches them.

They are playing in Bob-omb Battlefield. The mushroom floats and chases Mario and phases through walls. Nick says that this is scarier than the Slender Man.

Attempt 1 Edit

Nick jumps into the tree, activating the mushroom. He gets the first coin, but the mushroom lunges at Mario. Nick has failed already!

Attempt 2 Edit

Chad tries. He goes for a different coin to start. He narrowly avoids the mushroom, and gets stuck on the log with the chain chomp at three coins!

Attempt 3 Edit

Now it is Ben's turn. Ben misses a coin, but Chad appreciates his back flip! Ben keeps getting stuck in a bad position, and the mushroom touches him.

Attempt 4 Edit

Ben wants to try again. He gets the coin this time. Ben accidentally crouches. Nick takes the controller from Ben, and comments on how sweaty the controller is. Nick and Chad taunt each other.

Attempt 5 Edit

Nick tries to use a shell, but rams it into a sign! He gets startled by the mushroom as it appears. He has 2 coins and skips the chain chomp. He gets the two near the star with the mushroom right behind him! He ends up being hit by a bubble, knocking him into the mushroom. Chad says it is so creepy that the mushroom is staring at the player!

Attempt 6 Edit

Chad gets to 4 coins before being hit by the chain chomp. He collects its coin for 5. He gets stuck under a bridge and loses.

Attempt 10 Edit

Nick tries to take the shortcut in the level, but the mushroom touches him before he can teleport!

Attempt 11 Edit

Nick teleports again, and it works this time. Nick gets to four coins, and gets to the chain chomp, only for them all to be terrified, as the mushroom appears on the screen! Chad celebrates as he still has the best score.

Attempt 12 & 13 & 14 Edit

Ben tries taking the shortcut, only to collect the mushroom while teleporting anyway! Three attempts in a row!

Attempt 17 Edit

Ben accidentally ground pounds and the mushroom catches him. Ben gives up, and hands the controller on.

Attempt 19 Edit

Chad rides the shell and tries to get stuck in the cannon. It doesn't work, and he has to try again.

Attempt 20 Edit

Chad makes it into the cannon, only to see the mushroom float directly below him! The mushroom catches back up to him anyway, and Chad barely avoids the mushroom at the chain chomp, and then several more times. A bob-omb gets blown up by a bubble. Chad gets another coin. They don't know where the mushroom is. He suddenly sees it on the mountain, and he accidentally ground pounds, ending the challenge at 5.

Attempt 22 Edit

Nick fails at the teleport, but gets away with it, and sees the mushroom run through a wall. He gets to 5 coins, and ground pounds again! Ben doesn't stand a chance according to Nick.

Attempt 23 Edit

Ben taunts the coin by lying down and flipping over the fence! Somehow he gets away with it and collects the coin before getting trapped under a bridge. Ben struggles to talk.

Attempt 26 Edit

Ben gets away from the mushroom by jumping onto a turtle shell. He gets the two coins at the star, but hits a log. Ben tries to climb the mountain. He gets to 5 coins. Ben soon gets to 7 coins. They don't know where the last coin is. Chad wants to tell Ben where the last one is, but Nick doesn't want Ben to get it! The mushroom is seen again. Nick remembers where it is, and Ben narrowly avoids the mushroom again. He gets hit by a giant ball and loses.

Attempt 31 Edit

Chad screws up on a shell and hits a fence.

Attempt 32 Edit

Craig comes in to watch. Nick teleports, and gets the two star coins. He gets to 4, and they haven't seen the mushroom for a while. Nick shoots himself to the island, and barely lands on it. He gets the coin. Nick gets the final coin, and they all wonder if the mushroom is even still chasing Nick.

The star spawns, and suddenly, the mushroom appears right in front of them! Nick screams! Nick grabs the star, and beats the challenge! They want to go to Whomp's Fortress to continue the challenge.

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