The Greatest XBox One Unboxing Ever! is a video from 2013.

The Greatest XBox One Unboxing Ever!
Upload Date November 26th 2013
Hosts Craig and Chad
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

The future is here! Craig enthusiastically introduces the video. Chad picks up the box, and Craig tells him not to. They open the box, and the first thing you see is the Kinect! Craig plays with the warning lights. One says not to touch it, the other says you should!

They pull out the controller, which does not come with a charging cable. They pull out the cables, and they discuss how the controllers feel. The charger looks like a power brick.

Chad pulls up the console. Craig writes "Hi PS4" on the console with his finger! Chad yells at Craig for doing it! Chad shows off the connectors. It feels easy to break. It is like a VCR from the 80's.

Craig throws the console up and down in his arms, and Chad is afraid about what he could do with it! This is Chad's KI box! Craig struggles to list the other games on the console.

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