The Greatest PlayStation 4 Unboxing Video Ever is a video from 2013.

The Greatest PlayStation 4 Unboxing Video Ever
Upload Date November 16th 2013
Hosts Craig, Bryan, Nick, Sean
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig awkwardly introduces the video. They have two PS4's! He gives the scissors to Bryan who begins to open the box. Craig tells him to stop. Craig thinks that no one will remember who Knack is in five years. Bryan wants to cut the box, and does. Craig screams as the box is opened.

They show the controller. Craig shows the advertising material. Craig looks at the headset. It looks terrible. Bryan finds the cables. Bryan pulls out the console, and Craig clenches it while screaming. Bryan accidentally puts his finger prints on it. Craig responds by putting his hands all over it!

Bryan shows off everything on the console as Craig touches it some more. Craig shows the logo. It also works as a Frisbee! He pretends to throw the PS4 at Nick, and Nick looks horrified. Craig makes fun of Nick's face!

Craig draws a heart on the console. He wants Nick to plug it in, and pretends to throw it at Nick again! He makes fun of Nick's face again!

Craig is never allowed to do unboxings again!

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