The crew show off the Sphero by competing in an obstacle course.

The Great Sphero Obstacle Course
Upload Date May 2015
Hosts Sam, Nick, Shaun, Craig, Austin, Ben, Parker, Bryan
Series Advantage Content


Synopsis Edit

Sam fails at introducing the video. Sam wants to show off the Sphero, an amazing device. Sam shows off the obstacle device. Shaun goes first. He has trouble with it, and cheats to knock over the AVGN doll. Shaun's time is 4 minutes and 26 seconds, with penalties it takes him to 5 minutes 36 seconds.

Ben starts his turn. He struggles to get the sphero onto the ice and into the dolphin butt. Ben completes the course legitimately. Ben takes 2 minutes 55 seconds. Bryan hits himself with the Sphero, and takes 4 minutes and 3 seconds. He isn't as bad as Shauntern!

It is Sam's turn, and he takes 3 minutes and 31 seconds. Nick wants Sphero to go through his legs. He struggles at the jump. He gets onto the ground to knock over the cardboard rolls and has to dodge it. Nick knocks over most of the penalty obstacles. He teabags the AVGN. Nick's score is not revealed.

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