Sam and Brad compete in eating as many fruit snacks as possible.

The Fruit Snack Challenge!
Upload Date December 16th 2013
Hosts Chad, Sam, Brad, Ben
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Chad hosts the challenge. Sam just wanted to eat food snacks. Sam opens a packet and gets it down very quickly to Chad's surprise. After about four packets, they both slow down. The candy tastes like 'brown'. All the candy keeps on pouring out of Brad's mouth as he laughs. Brad tries to talk with his mouth full, and nobody can understand him. Sam thinks he has an advantage because he is still young.

They are only six minutes in, and Sam has 13 and Brad has 11. Sam thinks he might throw up, and then Brad thinks he might. Time runs out, and Brad still has a lot of candy in his mouth, and he can't get it down. A lot of candy drools out of his mouth.

Chad counts the packets. They both have 21 packs each, so Chad weighs them. Brad's weighs 3.6lbs vs Sam's 3.4lbs. They had the same amount of packets, but because Brad didn't finish his last one, Sam wins. Brad had to buy a dinner for Sam. Sam asks Brad what's for dinner. The video ends with Sam vomiting into a trash can.

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