The Fresh Maker is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

The Fresh Maker
Cast Ben, Sam, Bryan, Chad, Jared, Lauren
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date January 14th 2012
Clip / Ad Mentos

Synopsis Edit

Ben has found out that Mentos is the best way to get away with being a douche bag. Each clip has The Fresh Maker playing over it, with the end tag of the commercial at the end of each segment.

Ben walks out of the office with his Mentos. He sees Sam with a drink, and Ben knocks it out of Sam's hand. Sam gives Ben a WTF gesture. Ben pops a Mentos into his mouth, and Sam gives him a friendly hand gesture and smiles at him. Ben does the same back.

Bryan is a police officer giving directions to traffic. Ben walks up behind him, and prepares by testing for the wind, and stretches. He then eats a Mentos, and runs at Bryan. Bryan turns to Ben, and Ben kicks him in the nuts. Bryan falls to the ground in pain, and Ben shows him the Mentos. Bryan and Ben hi-five.

Ben is walking down the street, and bumps into Chad. They each apologize, and continue on their way. Ben pulls out a gun, and shoots Chad in the back of the head. While on the ground, Chad gives a thumbs up.

Jared and Lauren are walking together as a couple. Ben steals Lauren away. Jared is angry, but Ben pops a Mentos, and suddenly, he is OK with it. Lauren bursts into Ben's office, with a noticeable baby bump and is not pleased. Ben is shocked, and tries to pop a Mentos into his mouth, but his packet is empty!

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