The First Monster is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

The First Monster
Cast Bryan, Ben, Nick, Destin, Jose, Craig, Ryan, Chad
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date some time in 2010
Clip / Ad Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Friends Against Grenade Spam)
Link Unavailable

Synopsis Edit

There is an ancient legend that protects the internet from spammers.

Nick does the voice over, and explains how the beast devours spam posts that post the word "First!" in every video. Nick introduces The First Monster, which appears to be a mutated Whomp with green hair and a "1st" on his forehead.

The battle of spam must be balanced between the First Monster and the lords of spam. Bryan enters his office and gets to his laptop. His mouse is missing. He looks around the office and discovers the Hypno Toad, who takes control of everyone (Chad is also seen to have been taken control). 

The Hypno Toad has taking over the ScrewAttack forums. Destin, Craig, Chad and Bryan are all under the Hypno Toad's powers. The First Monster tries to get rid of the spam, but the Hypno Toad takes control of the First Monster.

Ryan enters with a mirror for Destin, because apparently Hard News needs a mirror. The Hypno Toad tries to control Ryan, but is confused by the mirror. Ryan can't get Destin's attention, and walks away crying. Everyone is cured, as the Hypno Toad hypnotized itself, and it hangs itself. Without the power of the Hypno Toad, the First Monster can eat whatever spam it pleases!

Nick closes a book, and explains to Chad and Ben that the First Monster eats all the "Firsts!" in the comments section, and if someone continues to post spam, the First Monster will eat them. Nick's story sucks so bad, that Ben's mind explodes.

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