The Fight for Destiny is a Clip of the Week from 2014.

The Fight For Destiny
Cast Shaun, Sam, Austin
Intro Host none
Upload Date July 19th 2014
Clip / Ad none

Synopsis Edit

Shaun has a code for the Destiny Alpha. Sam walks in, and asks him about it. Shaun thinks it is the only one in the office. Sam snatches it from him. Shaun wants it back. Sam claims that he will get more use out of it. Sam wants to fight Shaun for it, and Shaun accepts.

They start punching each other. Shaun grabs Sam's arm, and Sam throws the code. Sam kicks Shaun in the crotch. Shaun takes Sam's knife and starts stabbing him. Sam is horrified, and slaps Shaun onto the couch. Shaun runs to the code, and Sam stabs him with a sword. Shaun starts screaming, and Sam pulls the sword out. Shaun collapses.

Sam walks out of the room, and collapses to the floor, proud that he beat Shaun. Austin walks into the room, and is shocked to see Sam injured. He asks Sam what happened. Austin is holding several Destiny Alpha codes. Everyone in the office got one!

Sam contemplates how he killed Shaun over a Destiny key that they had dozens of. Suddenly, Shaun appears, and gouges at Sam's eyes. Austin vomits.

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