The End is Here is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

The End is Here
Cast Nick (as Tommy), Ben, Jared, Chad
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date after May 21st 2011
Clip / Ad Judgement Day May 21

Synopsis Edit

It is at least May 21st, and we are still here. Ben is at his laptop, and he hears a noise. His cup shakes. Tommy runs into Craig's office and panics, before running away. Craig lifts his headphones, as he didn't hear him.

Craig, Chad, Jared and Ben run out the door, to see a giant Velociraptor outside the HQ. Craig tells Jared to spread the word on Hard News, and tells Chad to make a Velociraptor shirt. He looks over to Ben, who is standing next to the Velociraptor. He pulls out a gun, and shoots it. Craig, Jared and Chad look disappointed, and they head back inside. Jared wonders what the military were doing. 


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