The Dildo Episode is an episode of The Industry.

The Dildo Episode
Upload Date October 3rd 2015
Hosts Ben, Shaun, Craig, Austin, Chad, Gerardo, Sean
Series The Industry


Warning: This episode of The Industry is NSFW.

Synopsis Edit

Shaun compliments Ben on the latest episode of Death Battle - except for the research part! Shaun walks up to Craig, and closes his laptop. Shaun wants to make a video with a cock in it. He wants to use a dildo. Craig wonders why they want a dildo in the office. Shaun wants it for pranking.

He uses Austin eating a footlong as an example. When he needs to 'clear some space', Shaun replaces his food with a cock. When Austin returns, he will realize that there is a dick in his sandwich.

Shaun replaces Chad's hair straightener with a dick! Chad goes to the bathroom to fix his hair. After stroking his hair with the dick, he realizes that there is a dick in his hair!

Shaun tries replacing Gerardo's keyboard with the dick. Shaun puts the keys on the dick. Gerardo will start typing before realizing that someone changed his keyboard for a wiener.

Craig tells Shaun to get out. ScrewAttack will never sink so low as to have a dick in one of its amazing videos! Shaun walks out.

Craig goes to the fridge, and opens  a bag, to find the dick in there. Craig will teach Shaun a lesson. Craig slaps Shaun around with the dick! Sean walks in as Craig makes a battle cry. Craig tells Sean that he was teaching Shaun a lesson. Sean leaves. Craig drops the dick.

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