The Crazy Snacks of Japan are two videos from 2012.

Part 1 Edit

TGS 2012 - The Crazy Snacks of Japan
Upload Date October 2nd 2012
Hosts Chad, Bryan, Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


The first thing the crew did upon entering Japan was to go to the supermarket, and ordered some crazy food! They have no idea what it is. Bryan thinks he is holding cheesypuffs. He tries the Japanese funion. Bryan didn't like it.

The next thing looks like corn puffs. It has an odd smell. Chad describes it as a burning coffee version of a smack. Craig hates coffee, and hates the taste.

Chad picked up "The L Bag". Chad wants to know what an L tastes like. It's like a plain chip with some honey. Bryan feels as if it is a lazy barbeque chip.

Chad tells how Japanese people have no idea what to put into tacos. Chad picked up a taco related bag, with a Hispanic globe called Dontacos. It isn't bad, but Chad hasn't tasted anything like it before. It tastes sweet. Craig likes it. Craig would buy them if they were in the US.

Craig is too much of a "food-weinie" to go first. This one scares Craig the most. It is sealed in, but when Craig presses it, it is soft. Chad says that it is like a cookie tray. They try it at the same time. It smells horrible. They try it. Chad describes it as leftover waste put into a bread. Craig has to walk off screen in disgust. Craig groans.

Part 2 Edit

TGS 2012 - The Crazy Snacks of Japan Part 2
Upload Date October 2nd 2012
Hosts Craig, Chad, Bryan
Series Random Awesomeness


Chad finds some biscuits that he is dreading. It smells like fish food. Bryan explains how his sister's fish got cancer. It isn't as bad as they smell, but it wasn't very good. It had a seseme seed taste.

The next food is called 'Collon'. It smells really good. Chad has finally found a good snack. It is like a cran bellea. This is the best snack so far.

Up next is the Koeda Ball. It looks like a chocolate thing. It has nuts in it. It is like chocolate covered popcorn. Bryan thinks it has almonds in it.

Chad smells the next food and it smells like sushi. Bryan gives it a good bite. Chad thinks it would do well on a salad.

Chad wants to eat some pandas. He plays with the box. It's white chocolate on crackers. It is delicous.

Chad is worried about the mystery moji balls. Something is covered in caramel. The outside is doughy, but the inside is some horrible chocolate paste. It is terrible. Craig pulls it apart. He doesn't taste anything. He shows the food on his tongue.

Chad is worried about the caramel covered thing, and it looks like fish. It's melty and gooey. Chad is thankful that it isn't fish. Bryan thinks that the caramel tastes odd. It smells terrible, and Craig argues that it isn't caramel. It was disgusting. Craig goes for the taco food.

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