The Crazy Drinks of Japan are two videos made during the Tokyo Game Show in 2012.

Part 1 Edit

The Crazy Drinks of Japan
Upload Date October 5th 2012
Hosts Chad, Craig, Bryan
Series Random Awesomeness


After trying out the food, the group try the crazy drinks. They have 8 drinks. The first one they think is water. Craig smells it. It isn't water! It is an ion drink. They have tea cups. Chad says cheers in Japanese. The drink tastes weird. It's like a sweaty milk like drink.

The next one looks like the orange version of the Cool Aid man. Craig wonders how they will screw up orange juice. It is just orange juice.

The next drink has a picture of Japanese David Letterman on it. It has a strong smell. Chad doesn't like tea. Bryan doesn't think it is so bad.

They are going to drink some fire now. It looks disgusting as Chad pours it. Craig has had 0 cups of coffee in his life, since it is so disgusting. Craig has to go back to the sweat drink. Bryan thinks it is just coffee and isn't very strong. It was just a little flick!

Part 2 Edit

The Crazy Drinks of Japan Part 2
Upload Date October 5th 2012
Hosts Chad, Craig, Bryan
Series Random Awesomeness


They don't know what the next one is. They think it is milk, and since Chad is lactose intolerant, Craig says that he can sit out of this one. Craig thinks it looks like mayonnaise. They drink it. It isn't bad. It tastes a little like milk, but with a citrus flavor.

Chad's favorite is next - the orangina! It is actually a French product! It is very sparkling. There is orange pulp left in Craig's cup.

Chad has Fanta Golden Grape. Bryan had this yesterday, but they need to describe this on camera. It reminds Bryan of Redbull or champagne.

The next one is an energy drink, and it appears to have Cheetos on it. Chad shows it. It is very thick. Chad hopes he doesn't pee that color! Craig thinks it looks like egg yolk. It isn't bad at all. It is very sweet. Bryan thinks it smells like candy and looks like tang. Bryan drinks like a sir!

Chad wants to drink the candy and fire together. It is an awful taste!

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