The Controller Sock is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

The Controller Sock
Cast Ben, Chad, Bryan, Nick
Intro Host Chad
Upload Date September 3rd 2011
Clip / Ad Handerpants

Synopsis Edit

ScrewAttack have had an idea for a while but have never had the guts to sell it. Chad decides to do it.

Ben narrates the ad. Chad and Bryan are playing games and hi-fived each other, and Bryan hands over his controller to Chad. The controller is covered in food, and Chad is horrified.

Benjamin Savings (who is wearing a headset and has a Mohawk) appears and introduces the Controller Sock. Any controller can use the controller sock. Classic controllers (Ben puts a sock on the Power Glove), wireless controls, motion controllers (a Wii Mote is put into a sock and shaken around), and even Nintendo 64 controllers (the Nintendo 64 controller has three socks on it).

Nick is a 'satisfied customer', as he clearly reads off a script in a monotone voice. He says his controllers used to be dirty, but now they're not. He asks if he can leave, and someone hands him money.

Back to Ben, who says that there is a console sock as well. A cover is put over an XBox 360, and it red rings. Nick covers the red ring with his hands. There will be other accessories as well including socks for computer mice, arcade sticks, door handles, and headsets. Ben talks with a sock on his headset, and can't be heard. "Side effects!" flashes on the screen.

Nick ends the commercial saying that the controller sock and console sock costs $20.01 and a second controller sock can come for free.

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