The Christmas Conspiracy is a Clip of the Week from 2010.

The Christmas Conspiracy
Cast Nick, Craig, Destin
Intro Host Ben
Upload Date December 2010
Clip / Ad some idiot making a dumb comment on GameTrailers

Synopsis Edit

Ben shows a comment made by a moron that was made on their Top 10 Zombie games on GameTrailers (he didn't even realize that GT didn't make the video!). Ben says that what he says is true, but there is an explanation for it, and pulls Nick over to explain himself.

Nick puts on a spooky voice and begins explaining that he was hang gliding while saving puppies at the same time. He flew over a Kwanzaa party that was shooting fireworks, and he got hit by one of the fireworks. He fell to the ground, and the ghost of Christmas Past (Craig) was in front of him, warning him that he will remain a zombie, unless he can make the XBox 360 the most popular console in history in ten days. If he can't, he will remain un-dead forever. 

In Craig's office, Craig has three mobiles which are direct lines to XBox 360, PS3 and the Wii. The Xbox 360 one rings, and Nick is on the line claiming to be Microsoft. Sony's PS3 has been too popular, and something needs to be done to stop it. Craig asks what he suggests, to which Nick replies to make a top 10 Zombie games list with Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead in it. Craig is happy to do this. Nintendo calls on the Wii phone, and Craig says "Screw you, Nintendo" to them and hangs up.

Nick, as a zombie, was chosen to voice the top 10 (while still on the phone) with Craig. They go to the shelf and find games to put onto the list. Nick tries to suggest Wii Music. Reggie Fils Amie creates an account on GameTrailers, to make it look like Sony had written that comment, so that Nintendo was seen to be innocent. And Jack Thompson (Destin) steals Christmas.

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