The Capri Sun Challenge
Upload Date March 2014
Hosts Craig, Parker, Nick, Chad, Sam
Series Random Awesomeness


At the end of the SGC 36 hour marathon, one of the goals was that Parker would take on the Capri Sun Challenge. The video took place at the end of Screwin' Around with Titanfall Beta on February 15th.

Synopsis Edit

One of the stretch goals for the 36 Hour SGC stream was that Parker would attempt the Capri Sun Challenge - 15 packets of Capri Suns in 15 minutes. Parker discusses his strategy. Sam hates Guy Fieri. Everyone counts down with Craig, and Parker starts to drink.

The first one went down in seconds, but then Parker decides to wait. Craig questions Parker's strategy. Craig saw someone get to 10, and then stop. Parker drinks two, swapping between them. Nick wants him to drink both of them together. It has started to hit Parker now. Craig and Sam mention other challenges they have done.

Parker changes one of his drinks. Parker has one more left with 2 and a half minutes left. Sam makes vomiting sounds. He finishes all the drinks. Chad wants Parker to throw up on Sam. Craig shakes Parker just as he is about to succeed the challenge.

Craig asks Parker if he has anything to say to the internet. His response is "Hi."

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