With Craig out of the office, the staff could do whatever they wanted. So they played Burnout. The game played was Burnout Revenge. In Crash Mode, they had two attempts to get as much damage as possible.

The Burnout Challenge
Upload Date some time in 2009
Hosts Jared, Bryan, Ryan, Destin, Chad, Ben
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

With Craig gone, the crew can do whatever they want. So, they had a contest among themselves in Burnout Revenge. Jared introduces the game. They will play Crash mode. Everyone gets two attempts. The winner gets a free lunch from Craig!

Ryan goes first. Everyone is excited by Ryan's run. Chad dodges the donut, and crashes into a fence, losing a wheel. Chad's wheel defies physics. Jared blows his engine! Chad makes fun of Jared. Jared ignores it, and commentates his own embarrassing result.

Ben hits the donut, and crashes into a bus. He gets the crash bonus, and the damage continues to rise. The target car is destroyed! Bryan completely misses everything on the main road! Citizens are making sure Bryan is alright! Destin blows his engine as well!

Ben is the overall winner. Jared wants to announce the biggest loser. Destin leaves the room. Jared shows that Destin came last on the scoresheet.

Results Edit

Name 1st attempt 2nd attempt
Ryan $4,882,500 $5,400*
Chad $6,500 ?
Jared $0 around $2,000,000*
Ben $8,443,725 ?
Bryan $8,600 ?
Destin $213,350* $0

Ben won with over 8 million dollars. Destin came last with $213,350.

Most of the scores weren't shown, but some of the scores could be seen on Jared's clipboard. (these scores are marked with a *).

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