Shaun wants to make a food challenge to eat dead bugs.

Random Awesomeness: The Bug Eating Proposal | Advantage Content
Upload Date August 2014
Hosts Craig, Austin, Ben, Sean, Shaun, Sam, Chad, John
Series Advantage Content


Synopsis Edit

Sean explains that when they got a green screen, they got layers of tape. It is now covered in bugs. Craig thinks it would be funnier if there were rats on there too. Shaun wants to do a food challenge, and Craig gives him an odd look. Shaun wants to eat them!

Craig and Sean wants Shaun to lick the bugs. As soon as money is mentioned, Sam shows up. Craig tries to make Shaun a deal. Sam would not do that! Craig and Shaun argue about the bet. Shaun is all talk. Craig tells Shaun he has an hour to lick across the tape.

Craig wants Shaun to roll the camera how sticky his tongue is. Craig starts lowering the price. Craig argues that Shaun was the one that bought it up.

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