The Bucket of Oblivion is a Clip of the Week from 2011.

The Bucket of Oblivion
Cast Jared, Nick (as himself and Tommy), Sean, Lauren, Craig, Ben, Bryan, Chad
Intro Host Bryan
Upload Date November 12th 2011
Clip / Ad Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Synopsis Edit

Putting a bucket over someone's head is genius and you could get away with ANYTHING!

Craig is sitting at his desk working at his laptop, when Lauren, Sean, Jared, Nick, Chad and Ben all sneak in to put a bucket on Craig's head. Sean creeps in with his bag covering him, Lauren has a Dragonborn helmet on her head, Jared and Nick rise up from the floor, Chad walks in from the side, and Ben peeks through the door. Lauren places the bucket on Craig's head. Everyone celebrates.

Nick dresses up as Tommy and runs down the hall, as Jared gets out his Nerf gun and shoots at Nick. Tommy chases Jared with a bat. Ben goes into the storage room, and steals as many games and accessories as he can find. He drops some things too. Sean notices the TMNT cereal box from the 80's and wonders how well it would taste. Meanwhile, Ben is behind him stealing computer equipment.

Sean is eating the cereal as Chad skateboards down the hall. Lauren is building a box fort with a sign on it saying 'GATOR'Z FORT NO BOYS'. She looks through a cardboard cylinder 'telescope' as Chad skateboards in and destroys the fort. She yells at Chad. Chad apologizes and runs away. Sean isn't feeling well, and Ben is still stealing stuff. Sean tries to run out of the room but falls over. Bryan walks by and shrugs towards the camera.

Nick and Jared are fighting while Lauren is hitting Chad with a piece of cardboard. Sean is lying on the ground. He takes off the bucket on Craig's head and throws up in it. Craig turns around and sees everyone. Everyone stops fighting and stares at Craig. Ben walks in with a chair full of stuff and walks back out. Craig gets up and leaves. Everyone relaxes. Craig returns covered in guns and swords, and reminds everyone that they don't take breaks, and starts shooting everyone!