Craig and Tom discuss the best and worst gaming peripherals.

The Best and Worst Gaming Peripherals
Upload Date May 8th 2007
Hosts Craig, Tom, AVGN
Series Top 10's


Synopsis Edit

Gaming peripherals are hit or miss. Peripherals are supposed to enhanse your gaming experience. Craig and Tom will count down both the best and worst.

Worst Edit

5. R.O.B. the robot. Tom discusses ROB. It was so slow and noisy. There were only two games that worked with ROB. Craig doesn't even know how to put the thing together. It only goes up, down, side to side, pick up and drop things. Tom wants to see ROB shoot lasers out of his eyes.

4. The Power Glove. It is bad. Tom lets the AVGN to analyse the Power Glove. He can't get the sensors to stay on his TV. It provides a huge challenge to games. It is much easier just to use the controller on the glove.

3. The LaserScope. Many companies tried to capitalize on the zapper. The LaserScope had a crosshair on it, and it never worked properly. Craig is seen wearing it, and trying to play with it. It was charged through the NES. Tom thinks the NES powered a laser.

2. Ultimate Kickboxing. Craig puts on the kickboxing gear and plays with it. It would have been number 1, but they only paid a penny for it!

1. UForce. If you ever played with the UForce, you sucked. The manual even says that the player will play badly. Players are supposed to not have to use a controller, but players had to use the joystick anyway, and it still doesn't work! The UForce put peripherals back 5 years. We might be playing games with our minds if the UForce wasn't made! Tom disagrees.

Best Edit

5. Guitar Hero's guitar. Guitar Hero let players live out the dream of being a rock star. It doesn't matter if you are bad or good, the guitar is addicting. It kind of sucks you in. Craig can't believe how expensive it is.

4. The Rumble Pak. A Nintendo promo for the rumble pak is shown. Gaming felt bland before the rumble pak. It is standard in gaming now, but back on the Nintendo 64 it was genius. You would have to be an idiot to leave it out of your controller.

3. Game Genie. Craig had to have a game genie to go to any level, live forever, jump higher and have radical firepower. It looked funky sticking out of the console, and gamers had to read a manual for codes, but the cool stuff it did rocked.

2. DDR Dance Pad. DDR is everywhere. Fat kids have a reason to stay inside. This game became so popular that schools have added it to their PE classes. Konami are laughing their way to the bank.

1. The Trance Vibrator. This should be on everyone's list at number 1. The Trance Vibrator comes from Japan, and they get a girl to play it. Craig explains how it works. Anything that makes a girl like playing video games has to be number 1.