The Best Yoshi's Island Player Alive is a video from 2014.

The Best Yoshi's Island Player Alive
Upload Date February 8th 2014
Hosts Nick
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Nick is interviewing Trihex, a Yoshi's Island speedrunner. Typing TriHard into Twitch, will get this man's face! He is at APEX because wen there was a charity event to choose the 8th game for EVO, Trihex made a fundraising event on his stream. He is a fan of Smash Bros, and watches the tournaments. Nick remembers that he watched Trihex's stream.

He would play as Fox if he were to compete. He plays similar to Yoshi in Yoshi's Island. Yoshi plays more like the Yoshi in Yoshi's Story.

Nick asks what the crossover is between competition and speed running. They both require observations, strict patterns, detecting patterns in your opponent and detecting patterns in exploits are similar. Trihex has been here since last night, and there is a lot of hype. There is a long list of complaints about the noise at the reception desk!

It has been ecstatic!

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