The Best Bubsy Player Ever is a video from 2011.

The Best Bubsy Player Ever
Upload Date November 15th 2011
Hosts Chad, Craig
Series Iron-Man of Gaming


Synopsis Edit

Chad is hosting the 2011 Iron Man of Gaming. They like throwing in wildcards into the event. Someone always does something insane. Chad introduces Mike Likianoff, the winner of the tournament. He is about to show off how good he is at Bubsy the Bobcat. He has 3 minutes and 3 lives. Average good scores in the tournament have been 30,000-40,000 points.

Mike says Bubsy's catchphrase, and begins to play. Mike's run is shown. With 1 minute 37 left on the clock, Craig asks him why he didn't get a ball of yarn. Mike replies that it will save him time. His score is 55,450 after the first level.

He moves onto the next level. Time runs out just as he finishes the level. The score racks up, and he has a final score of 84,499. He could have done better. He was looking for 96000. Chad comments that he did more than double the average! Craig yells at him to do it again!

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