The Best Arcade in Austin, TX is a video from 2011.

The Best Arcade in Austin, TX
Upload Date some time in 2011
Hosts Craig
Series Random Awesomeness


Synopsis Edit

Craig is in Arcade UFO in Austin, Texas. This place might be better than Einsteins! Craig has 9 straight wins in Street Fighter 4. Craig talks to someone who recognizes the ScrewAttack crew. They met back at Einstein's. The owner of Einstein's didn't want to keep the business. The owner of the place started this because Einstein's closed down.

Before this place became an arcade, it was a laundromat. Now it is a badass laundry mat! He hopes this place will last. There is a competition between arcades to get the best scores in the games in order to win money. The site is . Arcade UFO is currently winning. The address is 3101 Speedway. Austin, TX 78705.

Craig says that the place is orgasmtastic!

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