The Battle for (A Trip to) Japan is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

The Battle for (A Trip to) Japan
Cast Craig, Chad, Nick (as himself and Tommy), Angel (as Tommy's sensei)
Intro Host Craig
Upload Date July 14th 2012
Clip / Ad The Iron Man of ScrewAttack: Japan Edition

Synopsis Edit

The Iron Man of ScrewAttack was amazing, however, it isn't really how they chose the winner. Chad and Nick are standing in front of Craig, and he informs them that they performed well this week. However, the real competition is about to begin, and they can't stream it live.

The two prepare to fight, and use voices that don't sync up to their mouths to taunt each other. Nick transforms into Tommy. Chad transforms into his Japanese ancestors, before realizing that he has no Japanese ancestors. They begin to fight.

They punch at each other, and Chad kicks Tommy, but Tommy blocks it. Chad tries to dive kick into Tommy, but Tommy catches his foot, and spins him and throws him to the ground. Tommy goes to step on Chad's face, but Chad moves out of the way. Chad grabs Tommy's beak, and punches him.

Chad ends up in the front room, and picks up a stick. Tommy pulls a stick from his throat. They both taunt each other. Tommy says that he recognizes Chad's fighting style, and Chad reveals that he learned it from Tommy's sensei before Chad killed him. They both put all their strength into the last attack, and after a moment of standing up, Tommy falls to the ground.

Craig walks in and congratulates Chad for winning. He also reveals that Nick was Chad's brother. Chad is shocked.

Trivia Edit

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