The Avengers is a Clip of the Week from 2012.

The Avengers
Cast Sam (as Thor), Ben (as Captain America), Nick (as The Hulk), Shelby, Jared, Chad (as Hawkeye), Bryan (as Nick Fury), Lauren (as Black Widow), Sean (as Iron Man)
Intro Host Nick
Upload Date May 5th 2012
Clip / Ad The Avengers 2012 film

Synopsis Edit

Nick Fury (Bryan) has gathered The Avengers together to get the “Bad Guy”. Thor (Sam) asks who Hawkeye (Chad) is. The bad guy is right outside their own headquarters.

The Bad Guy (Jared) is stealing Shelby’s purse, so the Avengers attack. Captain America (Ben) throws his shield… err frisbee  at Jared, which hits Shelby. Iron Man (Sean) is drunk and tries to argue with Jared. Jared punches him. Hulk (Nick) tries to move and smash a garbage container and collapses after he fails. Iron Man starts chatting to the Jared, and offers him a drink. Jared stares at him.

Black Widow (Lauren) tries to cartwheel, and just kicks Shelby trying to attack Jared. Iron Man begins to cry, as Thor (Sam) throws his hammer, and also hits Shelby. As Jared runs away (with Hulk still trying to move the garbage container), Captain America throws his shield and misses.

Then Hawkeye (Chad) finishes it off by hitting Jared with an arrow. Jared cries in pain and dies, which scares off the rest of the Avengers. Nick Fury comes out disappointed in what happened. Nick Fury takes the bag out of Jared's hands.

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